Anubis is a dark deity and the main antagonist of Yu-Gi-Oh the Movie: The Pyramid of Light. He is based on the Egyptian god of the same name.

He is the main antagonist of the entire Majestic Guardians series. He is the god of the dead, the afterlife and mummification. He was tasked into weighing the hearts of the departed, deciding on their fate after death. He was once worshipped and feared by mortals. But since the Egyptian gods were abandoned, he became angered and terrorized the mortal realm, demanding worship. But the Original Majestic Guardians later imprisoned him.

Anubis' release eventually became the main goal of the villains throughout the series and the reason for the formation of the organization, Anubis Empire.

During his imprisonment, he employs villains like Benji Valor, Darth Vader, Olympius, Dr. Finitevus, etc. to do the dirty work for him, collecting the Four Keys and Five Orbs to free him.

It is stated by Starfire that even on her home planet, Tamaran, her people also know of his cruelty, suggesting not only his horrid influence is known on Earth, but the rest of the universe as well.

He was eventually freed in the two parter episode, "Rise of Anubis" where he effortlessly took down the Sentinels and the army in Edenia as well as Terrence himself. This allowed him and his allies as well as his army of demons and the undead to seize control over Edenia and enslaving its inhabitants including the heroes.

By the beginning of Season Four he then put his expansion of his empire into action by creating a portal to outer space, allowing his army to gain access to universal conquest.

Considering he's a god, his powers are indeed massive and is able to do various feats beyond the comprehension and understanding of mortals. He is also able to summon the army of the dead and various demons to do his bidding. He can even go as far as manipulating all

Anubis, the god of the dead.

known aspects of nature as he sees fit.
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Anubis (Jackal-Like Demon form)

In the three part finale, Anubis face Terrence and the rest of the Majestic Guardians in the Final, But he was defeat by Terrence in his ultimate Dragon 2 along with two Sphinx, Andro Sphinx and Sphinx Teleia. He transformed in his Jackal-like demon monster and destroyed by Terrethang.