800px-Tobias Darkrai

Darkrai is the Legendary Pokemon of nightmares. He was the main antagonist from the film, "Pokemon: Rise of Darkrai"

He was once evil and he tried to hurt others, but he later turned good and has become a member of Majestic Guardians. Although, due to his dark past, he is the most grim and isolated member of the group. He does, however, have a humorous rivalry with Joey Wheeler.

In Majestic Guardians Origin, he once worked for Fenghuang and was partnered with Hak Foo to attain the Makluan Rings from Katara, Ven and Starfire in order to bring back Mandarin. But he and Hak Foo were stopped by Terrence, Joey and Fabia. While laying siege on the castle and while Hak Foo and the Shadowkhans captured Terrence's friends, he ended up saving Rapunzel, to which the dragon halfa sense some good in the ghost Pokemon. After he was captured by Tsunade's magic seal, he gave out the location where Terrence's friends were being held. He later asked to join Terrence in a fight against the the Shadowkhans, to which Terrence, at first the only one who trusts him seeing that Darkrai had a change of heart, removed the seal and had him join in the fray and then battle the ressurected Mandarin.