Edenia is where the series mainly takes place and is a home to the Guardians. It was once under the rule of Manfred Silva and his consort, Kim Lin Silva. It is currently under the protection of the Guardians and under care of the wizard, Sirius Black and a ninjutsu master, Tsunade.


The palace, found in this location, acts as the base of operation for the Guardians

Interesting enough, the kingdom shares the same name as one of the realms from the video game, "Mortal Kombat". Although this is likely a coincidence.

By the end of the series, the kingdom is now ruled by Terrence Silva.

Edenia does have an unfortunate streak of being attacked by its enemies. The kingdom's most prominent enemies are the former prince and Terrence's brother, Alister Silva, The Eight Lord of Darkness and the Heylin Terrors.