The Joker is a DC comic book super villain who first appeared in Detective Comics, antagonizing Batman. He is the most dangerous and the most psychotic criminal in Gotham City. voiced by Mark Hamill.

In Majestic Guardians, the Clown Prince of Crime plagued Edenia with a lethal laughing gas just as he did in the animated series. But the Guardians managed to stop this fiasco.

In his second appearance, which is a Christmas episode, the Joker teamed up with Oogie Boogie and caused mischief in Halloween Town. But he and Oogie Boogie were stopped by the Guardians (teaming up with the Pumpkin King, Jack Skellington). Both were see

The Joker

n in an asylum, singing "Deck the Halls".

He later gain his title as one of the crimelords of Edenia. In the story, Fearless Slayers Movie: Red Hood, based on one of the Batman comics and the animated film Batman: Under the Red Hood, he was responsible for the death of Jason Todd, the Second Robin. After his resurrection, thanks to being emersed in Ra's Al Ghul's Lazarus Pit, Jason took the new alias of the Red Hood (which is an alias that was adopted by the Joker before his descent to insanity and becoming Batman's archnemesis) and hunts down the Clown Prince of Crime for revenge. The Joker was somehow found and taken by the Deadly Force to be tormented by Red Hood the same way Joker himself tortured Jason long ago. He was later saved by Batman, who was with the Ultimate Defenders and the Slayers and was once again institutionalized.

He reappeared in Fearless Slayers: Slayer and the X-Treme, He became monstrous Joker and attack Providence agents and Tenzin before running off.

In his assumed final appearance, Joker turned back to his normal self sick due to the titan venom, he organized the Injustice League to help him in plan to kill the population of Gotham City while in Arkham City. 


  • A Laughing Matter
  • Happy Hallowmas
  • Fire and Fear (cameo)
  • Guardians Forever (cameo)
  • Fearless Slayers Movie: Red Hood
  • Fearless Slayers Movie: Slayer and the X-treme (cameo; as Joker Titan)
  • Neo Crusader Movie: Joker's Last Laugh (Final Appearance)