Ka-Zar, hero of the Savage Land

Ka-Zar is a wild man who appeared in Marvel comics. He is a super hero raised in the Savage Land, an island populated by prehistoric animals and strange creatures. He had many adventures with his sabretoothed friend, Zabu.

In Majestic Guardians, the team were sent to investigate the island, only to be chased by a tribe of Ape-Men, who were at that time, under the control of a humanoid pterosaur super villain, Sauron. Katara became seaparated from the group but was rescued by Ka-Zar, who nursed her back to health.

Katara, Ka-Zar and Zabu teamed up to rescue the rest of the Guardians from the grasp of Sauron before he gets a chance to absorb their energy.

Probably due to him being raised in the wild, he speaks in broken english.