"Do not stop until the throne of Asgard belongs to its rightful lord, Loki!"

Loki commanding the Frost Giants (Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes- Thor the Mighty)

Loki is a fictional character from Marvel Comics. He's the adopted son of Odin and step-brother to Thor, who he constantly antagonizes. Like most Asgardians, he is based on a figure from Norse Mythology.

In Majestic Guardians, He's a former member of Anubis Empire and current member of unknown group

In Loki, He was member until the empire found out Loki was planning to betray Anubis and he sent to another dimension where he will be tortured by Asgardian Serpent.

In Orochimaru Strikes back, He made a Cameo Appearance with Dr. Doom and three other members.