Terrence Silva (user: TDragon195), now His Majesty King Terrence Silva of Edenia, is the main character and the main protagonist of Majestic Guardians. He is the leader of the team. He's friendly, a gentleman, sometimes funny, but little bit loud and very serious. He lives with the sorcerer, Sirius Black and the ninjutsu master, Tsunade under Manfred's last request.

Terrence silva by tri dragon195-d313tam

Terrence is the son of Manfred Silva and Kim Lin Silva, as well as the brother to Alister Silva (who betrayed the family due to his jealousy towards Terrence), Brandon Silva and Nique Silva. He happens to be the youngest of the siblings. He was chosen to be the Dragon Halfa allowing him to wield various supernatural powers and turn into various forms. However, this event led to the tragedies in his life when Alister killed his parents and his sister and corrupting Brandon. His grandparents, Sirius and Tsunade rule Edenia in his parents' stead and raise Terrence as their own.

As leader of the Majestic Guardians he is focused about his mission and is a wise leader. Although he can be impulsive at times due to him fearing failure and he tries to be the best leader as he can. He also prefers to fight his own battles. During his time with the team he gains some enemies as well as many allies to help him fight evil. With each fight, he gains new powers and new, and much draconic, forms in his battle against the dark forces. By the end of the series, he becomes the new king of Edenia after he defeated his corrupted ancestor, Tajor Silva, who was the leader of a dark guild called Eight Lord of Darkness.

He is in love with his fellow Guardian, the Waterbender Katara. They have a very strong ongoing romantic relation and Terrence will do anything to protect her.

Concerning his weapon, he wields the Dragon Sword and the power of the dragon in which he uses to protect others who are precious to him. However, later in the series, the sword, Excalibur becomes his recurring weapon instead.

He is also a Pokemon trainer, which means he has some Pokemon at his disposal.