Tsunade is the Legendary Sannin and a ninjutsu master from the popular manga and anime, Naruto. She was an apprentice to the Third Hokage at a young age along with the two other Sannins, Jiraiya and Orochimaru. Her jutsus deal with healing and her theme is based on slugs. She is based on a character from a popular Japanese folktale "The Tale of the Gallant Jiraiya".

She is a mentor of Majestic Guardians. She once rule the Hidden Leaf Village as the fifth Hokage, but she left to live with Sirius to take care of Terrence as well as caring for Edenia as Sirius' consort. She can be short tempered at times and she is incredibly strong in terms of her physicality.

Her problems include the fact that she likes to drink sake and she once gambled. However, on the plus side she has an incredible ability to heal others and she's a very skilled physician. Her young, busty appearance hides her true age.
5th hokage